Saturday, November 21, 2009

Leaving Love Lost

There are about a million ways a girl could get her heart broken nowadays and none of the effects are very pretty – ice cream sales go up and waistlines follow, chick flicks flickering through gobs of waterproof mascara. It’s not nice.

Of course, there are those relationships we don’t feel sad about losing. The ones where we see him six months down the road and feel bad for him for losing you. This is the scenario I find myself in more often than not yet it’s the lack of meaningful relationships that has kept me sane. Finally, I have one that means the world to me and it’s like my entire world has crashed down once it’s over!

They say the best way to shrug off the past is to change something about your present. Cut the long hair that he loved, take a different route to work so you don’t pass his house, stop creeping his Facebook, no matter how strong the urge may be!

What makes a relationship fail anyway? You were crazy about each other in the beginning! I suppose you don’t see a person’s faults at first..

In the beginning, he is not showing you his negative traits. He knows what they are and he is putting on his best behavior to potentially have you think that he is a wonderful human being so you will fall in love (or into bed) with him!

In the beginning, if you are looking to find love, you will only see the good in him. You will see the traits that you want to see because those are what you are looking for. This only hurts women in the long run. As soon as you have the love you were looking for, you won’t need to look at him through rose coloured glasses anymore and his faults will become apparent to you. Tada!

This leads me to conclude that if you are looking for love, you will eventually find reality. If you are looking for reality, you will eventually find love.

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