Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Passion For Red

Red is often viewed as a loud colour. One that stands out among others, drawing the eye to it in hot mesmerisation. Usually we see red in reference to anger, sex, or ‘a huge sale’ – used to catch the attention of viewers. I don’t believe red should be valued as that sort of colour. We forget the calm sunset reds or the rich opulent woody reds, the decadent cherry reds, and emotional blood reds.

I once bought a pair of pumps in fire engine red. I’ve never been more early for work or energetic to party. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been so influenced by a pair of shoes in my life!! Just looking down at them always made we want to go-go-go!! I miss those shoes. They were ruined at an outdoor field party and I swear I haven’t had the same fashionable heat in my step since.

Red is my favourite colour, especially for decorating. It beautifully accents any room in the house if you want to use a little, or it can create washes of warmth across your entire walls.

Tomorrow is my twenty second birthday and I’m wearing a cute red dress that I picked up for a mere twenty bucks at Limité. Such things us keen eyed girls can find if we properly look! I’m so excited! Red has always been my signature colour. It sets off my skin tone perfectly and reflects through the gold tones in my eyes to create the best palate for me.

Everyone has their own colour.

Red’s mine.

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Amy Jem said...

I also have a thing with red.
Sometimes I stray but always end up coming back.